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May 11, 2022


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Congratulations on making it to the first step: deciding to engage your business on the path of ecological transition. 🔥 Did you know, however, that a significant portion of your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is linked to your supply chain? 🙋 Yes: CO2 emissions attributed to the production of your product or service also include those generated by the activity of your suppliers. Conclusion? If you want to achieve or exceed your decarbonization goals, you need to involve your partners in your Net Zero strategy. 

Ready to take the next step? Greenly is proud to introduce its new tool: the Supply Chain Decarbonizer. 💨

❓ Why do you need to evaluate your suppliers?

Quick reminder about scopes 1, 2 and 3 📖

To help companies get engaged in the green transition process, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative has introduced a form of international standards for carbon accounting and reporting. 

The classification (divided into three categories, known as “scopes”) allows companies to know how to quantify and report their CO2 emissions. 

Involving a company’s supply chain in its climate strategy: a way to effectively reduce scope 3 emissions 🎯

In most cases, “scope 3” represents a colossal share of a company’s carbon emissions. 

In fact, this category includes all indirect emissions produced by its entire value chain. 

Conclusion? Engaging your suppliers in your green transition is one of the most effective ways to improve your carbon footprint and help fight climate change. 💥

🚴 How does our Decarbonizer supply chain work? 

Steps to engage your suppliers 🔍 

But how do you go about engaging your supply chain? Don’t worry, it’s simple. Greenly has carefully developed a procedure that requires no action on your part, except the transmission of your suppliers' and business partners' contact details. 

The procedure is divided into four stages:

1. You provide us with a list of your suppliers;

2. We contact them by sending them a small questionnaire to evaluate their ecological performance;

3. We integrate the information obtained on Greenly’s interface;

4. Your suppliers start their own decarbonization process, reducing GHG emissions and implementing an environmentally responsible trade policy.

A specific survey by sector 📝 

In order to carry out the most optimal evaluation possible, the questionnaires we send to your suppliers takes into account their specificities: the size of the group, sector of activity, etc.

The “scoring” methodology 📊 

Your suppliers and partners are evaluated on more than 40 criteria, which are adapted according to the size of the structure and the sector of the activity concerned. 

Subsequently, a score between A and E is assigned and communicated through the dedicated platform. 💻

On your end, you can access all the results of your suppliers on the same platform.  

This allows you to:

  •  have an objective view of the commitment of your partners;
  • identify new low-carbon opportunities and alternatives; 
  • improve your purchasing policy.

👀 Visualize the behavior of your suppliers

With an overview of your suppliers' carbon footprint, this evolutionary vision allows you to learn about the trends observed over a given period of time.

This lets you :

  • have a comprehensive vision of the commitment of your partners;
  • identify opportunities for implementing low-carbon alternatives;
  • adopt a responsible purchasing policy.

🌳 But who is Greenly? 

Greenly is a platform of carbon accounting experts. Our mission? To give companies’ a simpler way to be informed about their environmental impact , and work towards a more sustainable model. 🌎

You want to join the fight against global warming? Our experts are already waiting for your call! 📞

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