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It's finally here! Greenly is launching its marketplace, making it easy for companies to create partnerships and collectively fight against climate change.

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June 24, 2022


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We can't emphasize it enough: the fight against global warming is a collective effort. This is exactly why it's crucial to facilitate collective action. What's Greenly's solution? Offering a platform for ecologically-conscious companies to seek partnerships with other virtuous organizations, who are also committed to reducing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

💚 Greenly marketplace : Streamlining partnerships between companies working to reduce their footprint

💡 What's the main idea? To facilitate development of partnerships and collaborations between companies that want to move towards carbon neutrality.

Time is running out: a few weeks ago, the IPCC report made it clear that we only have three years left to reverse the trend of climate change. 🔥 The only way this can be done is by drastically reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Some of the largest contributors to these global GHG emissions are corporations, and Greenly wants to help these corporations be better. Our goal is to provide sustainable emission-reduction strategies for our clients. One way this can be optimized is through the development of partnerships with other virtuous businesses. 

Choosing suppliers who have implemented concrete emission-reduction strategies is an important step in climate action, while also improving your own company's carbon footprint! 👍

📝 Defining your Net Zero strategy in three steps 

1. Measure your CO2 emissions 💻

First things first, we need to take a look at your CO2 emissions. Thanks to our carbon assessment, we’ll be able to identify the areas of your operations that are causing the most emissions. This allows you to select your most efficient suppliers, so you can optimize your carbon strategy. 

2. Find your priorities 🔍

After quantifying your possibilities, it's time to sort through them. In fact, while making the transition towards a sustainable model, it is rare to be able to undertake all the necessary actions in one go!

This is why we suggest that you pick and choose your priority actions. Moreover, you will regularly find that the least expensive actions generate considerable CO2 savings!

There is no small gesture. Every action counts!

3. Identifying the partners you want to work with 🙋

At Greenly, we don't just talk about making a difference. We take action. 

That's why we think it's important to help you discover and connect with new, virtuous partners. Companies that, like you, are committed to the climate and to sustainably reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. 

Facilitating these partnerships is the essence of the Greenly Marketplace.🌳

👉 Why join the Greenly Marketplace? 

The Greenly Marketplace is much more than just a meeting platform 😉 

Joining the club also puts your company on the map, giving you an opportunity to be promoted to all our new potential customers!

After being vetted by us, we'll present and communicate your business through our channels such as the Saas and the website, giving you maximum visibility within a community of businesses looking for solutions like yours. 

🚀 Want to get involved?

Ready to join? Contact our team at this address:

They will tell you how to get your solution certified.

We look forward to having you on board! 😍

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