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How did Greenly enable Alter Way to commit to managing its digital footprint?

Alter Way is committed to building responsible digital services and to working towards controlling and reducing its environmental footprint with Greenly.

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Alter Way
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Azure: 7.3%
Equinix: 92.3%
AWS: 0.4%
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Background & Objectives 🔍

Since 2006, Alter Way has been a committed company with recognised expertise. Alter Way assists companies in building a high-performance and responsible digital environment in order to meet future challenges by integrating economic, societal and environmental dimensions.

Since 1 January 2022, Alter Way has been spearheading the Cloud Infrastructure offering of the Smile group, the leading Open Source digital services company in Europe. This project with the Smile group is unique, ambitious and creates value for the market.

We design, develop and manage cloud and DevOps oriented architectures with a focus on innovation, performance and accountability.

In 2022, Alter Way has developed a GreenOps offer to support its clients in their environmental trajectory.

"As part of our Planet Tech'care commitment, we are working with Greenly to measure the carbon impact of the infrastructures hosted in our data centres and by our cloud partners (AWS, Azure, GCP, scaleway, etc.). The solution deployed allows us to offer each client managed by Alter Way a measurement of the carbon footprint of their infrastructure. This is unprecedented on the market."

Co-founder and Managing Director of Alter Way
Véronique Torner
GreenOps, an offer and a commitment

With more than 7 years of expertise in the Cloud, the Alter Way teams have asked themselves about the environmental impact of the Cloud infrastructures set up at their clients' sites. In order to be able to provide answers, but also to industrialise the approach, we decided to set up and define the GreenOps method, in line with best practice methodological frameworks such as DevOps, SecOps and FinOps. We must no longer just ask ourselves the question of the least expensive cloud infrastructure to meet the need, we must also define high-performance and sustainable architectures that have the least impact on the environment.

Alter Way has been deploying and managing often complex platforms on various public clouds for many years. To do this, alter way uses agile methodologies (DevOps, SecOps, GitOps, Finops) to build and manage these infrastructures efficiently.

Alter Way is also committed to limiting the carbon emissions of cloud infrastructures by implementing a "GreenOps" approach that "oversees" all OPS projects and methods. This "GreenOps" offer is reflected in the implementation of various elements: The creation of a new engineer profile in the company (GreenOps Architect), a reference framework that makes it possible to list all the best practices to be applied in a project, standard architectures defined in "Infrastructure as Code", a set of tools that make it possible to measure and monitor the evolution of carbon emissions even before the deployment of changes (CI/CD).

At Alter Way, GreenOps is both a method of optimising the ecological impact of its infrastructure resources and a new dimension to the company culture based on DevOps and FinOps.

Our CSR policy 🌱

Without digital technology, the world cannot function; it has become an essential tool in our lives. It must be recognised that it is undoubtedly the source of great progress, and one of the levers for successful future transitions, whether societal or environmental. However, it has a potion/poisonous character that sometimes dangerously shakes up our society and makes us question our choices and decisions in depth.

At Alter Way, we are convinced that it is possible to combine innovation, performance and responsibility in order to build a digital world that has a positive impact on people and the planet.

Alter Way was founded in 2006 by Véronique Torner and Philippe Montargès with the ambition of building a technology company offering digital services combining innovation, performance and responsibility. Commitment is one of the founding values of the company. The two founders are actively involved in different ecosystems, in order to promote an inclusive, ethical and eco-responsible Digital.

For example, Alter Way chairs the Numérique Responsable strategic programme at Numeum, including the flagship initiatives Planet Tech'Care, Femmes du Numérique, Numéric Emploi and Numéric Actif. Alter Way also chairs the Open Source Hub of the Systematic Paris Region competitiveness cluster, which contributes to the GAIAX project, for example.

In addition, we are carrying out a number of environmental actions within our company. Firstly, we comply with the European WEEE directive on extending the life cycle of our equipment. We also participate in financing the production of renewable energy, and we implement technical solutions to reduce our energy consumption...

Why did you carry out a GHG assessment? 🤔

Because it is necessary to be able to measure its environmental footprint before being able to control and reduce it, Alter Way has decided to carry out its GHG (greenhouse gas) assessment from 2020 and has chosen Greenly, which is part of the French Green 20, to help it calculate its IT carbon footprint (scope 1, 2 and 3).

This solution allows us to communicate the carbon footprint of our managed infrastructures to our customers.

The analysis carried out by Greenly enabled Alter Way :

  • Assess the carbon footprint of its Cloud services (Scope 1, 2 & 3)
  • Assess the carbon footprint of its server holdings (Scope 1, 2 & 3)
  • Identify its main levers for reducing electricity consumption and emissions
  • To be autonomous in measuring its impact
  • Communicate to its customers their emissions  

Why Greenly? 🌱

The measurement solution proposed by Greenly is simple and intuitive. Moreover, it is a solution recognised by the market and has obtained the FrenchTechGreen20 label.

Update on the Alter Way's carbon footprint 📊

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