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Bridge carries out its carbon footprint with Greenly!

Bridge, Europe's leading Open-Banking platform, earns its first badge towards its Net Zero trajectory!

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Background & Objectives 🔍

Bridge enables payments to be initiated, aggregated, standardised and enriched with financial data in a secure manner. In short, Bridge is developing with its customers a new financial ecosystem in Europe: more open, more innovative and more efficient. Connected to more than 200 financial institutions in Europe, Bridge has been successfully serving the Bankin' application since 2011 and its 5.3 million individual and business users, making its algorithms and payment services among the best performing on the market. It is a very simple solution to integrate and meets all banking security standards

With Greenly, we support the energy transition and will be able to monitor our carbon emissions by integrating our own technology, enriched by the impact measurement developed by Greenly.

CEO & Co-founder of Bridge
Joan Burkovic
ITV - Why did you carry out a GHG assessment? 🤔

The energy transition is a major issue that we have wanted to get involved in for some time. As a company, we wanted to take a stand and be a player in this commitment by reducing our carbon footprint. Of course, our business is 100% digital, but we wanted to take a big step towards the energy transition by choosing a low-carbon strategy

Why Greenly? 🌱

Bridge chose Greenly to make its greenhouse gas emissions assessment easy. In addition, thanks to Greenly, Bridge joins the Climate Act, alongside nearly 200 tech nuggets, which are committed to the energy transition.

We are working in partnership with Greenly and we are making our open banking technology available to consolidate and enrich the measurement of the energy impact of French and European companies. For companies wishing to measure their carbon impact, the process will be simple. In addition to the accounting export files, this company will be able to synchronise its bank accounts in a secure way, thanks to Bridge Aggregation via an optimised, secure and DSP2 certified path.

Greenly will then be able to process this bank data to measure the carbon impact of each transaction. It's an automatic and extremely easy process that allows Greenly to provide a simple login experience for businesses.

With Greenly, we support the energy transition and will be able to track our carbon emissions by integrating our own technology, enhanced with the impact measurement developed by Greenly. We are committed to and actively support the ecological awareness of companies.

Bridge wants to reduce its emissions 📉

We want to strengthen our partnership by continuing to make our technology available to Greenly. We are continually improving our technologies and algorithms and we want them to contribute to the environmental awareness of companies. As we improve our products, we will make them directly available to Greenly to actively participate in the energy transition. Internally, we also train and educate our employees on carbon emissions through interactive quizzes and challenges.

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