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Foodvisor takes the temperature of its CO2 emissions, and commits to reducing them

Foodvisor is a mobile nutrition tracking application. Using visual recognition technology, a photo of your meal will identify the food and indicate the calories it contains. Users can then benefit from nutritional monitoring by professionals, and get advice on how to eat healthy and balanced meals.

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The company performs a carbon footprint of its Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions
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Net Zero trajectory
The company has put in place action plans, and has contributed to offset projects
The company's carbon footprint
Purchase of goods and services: 36%
Digital: 42%
Energy: 15%
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ITV - Background & Objectives 🔍

We've been creating Foodvisor for six years. A mobile application that offers a nutritional guide to our users, it allows anyone to follow their diet and reach their goals with the most personalized programmes possible. In particular, we allow the user to very easily enter what they consumes by taking a photo of their meal. We then analyse the photo  with algorithms we have developed in house, which enable us to recognize each item in the photo, and estimate its quantities. From a single photo, you can recover the nutritional information of what you're eating!

"Greenly's expertise on the digital carbon footprint was a key factor in our decision, as we knew that this was one of our main areas of emissions.

CSO Foodvisor
Yann Giret
ITV - Why did you carry out a GHG assessment? 🤔

It mainly came from the personal conviction of the founders, where we were already motivated to follow our carbon impact. So as founders of the company, we thought it was pertinent to see the impact we could have in our activity and in the company we created.

Why Greenly?

I heard a lot about it on various social networks. It seemed to be the simplest and most automated solution, which could give us a good initial idea of our carbon impact. Their expertise on the carbon impact of the digital realm also weighed in the balance, because we knew, this was going to be one of our main emission factors and our main areas of focus.

ITV - Foodvisor's carbon footprint update 📊

Greenly's expertise on the digital carbon footprint was a key factor, as we knew that this was one of our main areas of emissions

In fact, as we expected, our servers represented the main cost in Foodvisor's carbon footprint. But also something that we didn't really think about, especially in terms of the scope, was the fact that the use of our application via the sending of photos to our servers also had a significant impact on our carbon footprint.

ITV - Foodvisor wants to reduce emissions 📉

The first thing we're looking at is relocating our servers to France, to take advantage of France's rather low-carbon energy mix. Also, in light of the carbon impact of sending photos, we are looking at reducing the size of the photos we send to our servers. We are also thinking about ways of no longer sending the photo, but of deporting the analysis directly to the terminals.

In addition, our employees have benefited from dedicated awareness-raising modules and have made the reduction of their emissions a real daily commitment. We have chosen to limit the emissions linked to the purchase of products and fixed assets by encouraging the purchase of reconditioned computer equipment, and by extending the life of our equipment before replacement.

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