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Sêmeia carries out its Carbon Footprint with Greenly!

When Sêmeia contacted Greenly, its objective was to carry out its first GHG assessment, to commit itself and its ecosystem. Today, Sêmeia has earned its first two badges towards its Net Zero trajectory!

Date of creation
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Evolution in the Net Zero trajectory

GHG balance sheet
The company performs a carbon footprint of its Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions
Responsible purchasing
The company engages its suppliers in reducing its emissions
Net Zero trajectory
The company has put in place action plans, and has contributed to offset projects
The company's carbon footprint
Fixed assets: 24.9%
Purchase of services: 33.9%
Digital: 16.1%
Total carbon emissions
In number of return trips Paris / New York
Annual emissions in number of French people
Hectares of growing forest needed to compensate
Background & Objectives 🔍

Sêmeia was born in April 2017 on the initiative of Pierre Hornus, Mathieu Godart and Daniel Szeftel following the first prize won from the Assurance Maladie during the Médicament hackathon.

Sêmeia designs and implements services for patients and doctors to extend the medical time dedicated to monitoring and patient relations, particularly in the context of monitoring chronic pathologies with our remote monitoring solutions.

These services for automatic collection and intuitive restitution of health data, and data analysis for medical decision-making, are based on the use of innovative techniques, and in particular the use of the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies (deep learning, sequence mining, etc.)

"Social responsibility is important to Sêmeia. Together with Greenly, we are actively engaged in climate action."

CEO - Sêmeia
Pierre Hornus
ITV - Why did you carry out a GHG assessment? 🤔

In order to reduce our GHG emissions, it was essential to be able to measure them beforehand. This is why we wanted to calculate our carbon footprint. This enabled us to better structure our environmental policy and to draw up an action plan to reduce our emissions in the long term.

Why Greenly? 🌱

The measurement solution proposed by Greenly is simple and intuitive. In addition, it is a recognised solution in the market and has been awarded the French Tech Green 2020 label. This is why we wanted to work with Greenly.

Update on Sêmeia's carbon footprint 📊

Sêmeia's carbon footprint takes into account not only direct and energy-related emissions (Scope 1 & 2) but also indirect emissions caused by service providers and services used by the company (Scope 3). Adding up all the emissions, Sêmeia had a footprint of 38t CO2e in 2020. This represents 2.5t CO2e per employee, which is half the average for our sector.

Sêmeia wants to reduce its emissions 📉

We have put in place an action plan that would enable us to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

More than ten actions have already been implemented, including the use of data centres located in countries with low-carbon electricity and the modal shift from air to rail.

Each year we will continue to define impactful reduction actions, in order to limit our impact on the environment and contribute to limiting global warming.

Sêmeia wants to communicate with its ecosystem

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