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Swile takes on a concrete commitment to the climate with the help of Greenly's expertise

Swile is carrying out its first full carbon assessment with Greenly in order to take concrete action in limiting its emissions.

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Evolution in the Net Zero trajectory

GHG balance sheet
The company performs a carbon footprint of its Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions
Responsible purchasing
The company engages its suppliers in reducing its emissions
Net Zero trajectory
The company has put in place action plans, and has contributed to offset projects
The company's carbon footprint
Digital: 22%.
Purchases of goods and services: 48%.
Travel: 14%.
Total carbon emissions
In number of return trips Paris / New York
Annual emissions in number of French people
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Swile is the new employee experience platform. It helps companies build a culture that engages every employee.


With a unified technology (one card, one application), tailor-made and user-centric.

Swile offers 2 flagship products:

- the Swile Card, the ultimate employee card, dedicated to managing all employee benefits, and expected to manage all types of professional expenses (salaries, expenses, joint expenses with colleagues, etc.)

- the Swile App, an application dedicated to the employee experience to manage tools on a daily basis. Whether it is the management of employee relations (messaging, organization chart, celebrations, birthdays, etc...) or the management of HR tools (surveys, quizzes, e-NPS...)

All with the mission of building a more fulfilling workplace.

"When a project is born at Swile, whatever it may be, we try to carry it out as "responsibly" as possible within the framework of our CSR vision. It is therefore in line with our mission that we are actively involved with Greenly in climate action."

Founder and CEO at Swile
Loïc Soubeyrand
Why did you carry out a GHG assessment? 🤔

We are proud to announce that our paperless card limits dependency on paper transactions, and that our internal efforts to become more responsible are increasing. However, we believe that this alone is not enough to consider ourselves responsible.

Our CSR approach does not stop at the door of our open space, quite the contrary. In order to make this happen this, it starts with our carbon footprint. It is important for us to calculate all the greenhouse gas emissions of our company.

Why Greenly?

We chose Greenly to make a concrete commitment to the climate and to reduce our CO2 emissions. The technology deployed by Greenly is a mark of this ambition fueled by optimism and the desire to transform its business model by making the measurement of its CO2 emissions simple. Greenly makes it easy to synchronise the company's accounting with the platform.

Swile's carbon footprint update 📊

Our first assessment gave us a quick overview of our emissions, which allowed us to distinguish Swile's main emission items. Adding up all the emissions, Swile has a footprint of 1320t CO2.

Our main emission item is product purchasing (48%), followed by digital emissions (22%) and travel-related emissions (14%).

Swile wants to reduce its emissions 📉

Thanks to this assessment, we have set ourselves a Net Zero emissions reduction trajectory. We have put in place an action plan that will enable us to refine our carbon footprint and meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement, which aim to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

1. Commitment and scoring of our suppliers

Our assessment revealed that product purchases represent Swile's main source of emissions and that the majority of our emissions come from our suppliers. It is therefore important for us to implement a responsible purchasing policy, to rationalise our purchasing quantities and to favor products from low-carbon channels such as recycling. We have therefore mobilized and involved our ecosystem of suppliers to reduce our company's carbon impact, and identified with them the levers for reduction. By specifying the carbon footprint of the main suppliers and the physical flows associated with purchases, we are now in a position to identify effective actions. It is this spirit of collaboration that will enable us to have a real impact.

2. Development of the use of virtual cards to replace physical cards

Our dematerialized physical card was already making a big environmental difference. This carbon footprint showed us that this was not enough. That's why, from this year forward, we will be giving our customers the choice of opting for a 100% virtual smart card instead of physical cards.

3. Use of refurbished electronics

We now use refurbished electronics to support the circular economy. Reconditioning helps to avoid electronic waste and to fight against the programmed obsolescence of devices.

4. Training employees on climate issues

CSR at Swile is growing with our ambitions. It is therefore important to us that all our employees are trained in climate issues. We decided to hire a CSR manager to take things to the next level. A concrete example of how we can reduce our travel-related emissions: we encourage carpooling and low-carbon mobility for home-to-work trips.

Offsetting Swile's emissions

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