Greenly Developer Portal

Greenly  helps developers in banking & retail use data to accelerate the energy transition by providing RESTful APIs on top of Greenly's app & software products. This helps embed our UX, crowdsourced carbon index & green rewards partner ecosystem into their own services. Because we believe carbon footprint data should be part of every purchasing & financial experience, we have made this easy for our channel partners to use. This helps raise awareness across the board. Our developer portal provides documentation that will help our partners personalize their online green rewards experience for both individuals and corporate customers..

React SDK

The Greenly React SDK is a collection of react modules to help with frontend development against the Greenly RESTful API. The Greenly React UI component library is one of the packages available in the Greenly React SDK. .


The Greenly PFM is a reference implementation of the available features in the Greenly Product lineup and demonstrates just a few of the things that can be achieved with the RESTful API.

Greenly Developer Kit

The Greenly Developer Kit documentation describes the platform from both a product and technology perspective.Please note: You will need to contact us on of our project manager/technical manager to access full documentation
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