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How does it work ?

Scope 1

These are emissions from your vehicles, machinery and all sources controlled by the organization.

Scope 2

Scope 2 emissions are those associated with the production of electricity, heating, or cooling for the company to operate

Scope 3

These are the other emissions that occur throughout your value chain. These can include your purchases of goods and services, the use of your products, or business travel

How Greenly works for your organization

Simplified carbon accounting

Say goodbye to Excel: our algorithm streamlines all repetitive tasks to save you valuable time.

Best value for your budget

The expertise of a consultancy firm, with the added benefit of AI at a better price.

Meet our climate specialists

Human support remains at the heart of our approach to enable you to implement your climate strategy and action plans.

Simplified carbon accounting

Greenly offers dedicated and customizable modules that identify your physical data (kWH, m3 gas, T.Km etc.), taking into account emissions specific to your activity. With our platform, Greenly can quickly and precisely analyze your emissions by integrating data through your accounts.

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Digitalization of supplier analysis via accounting

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Customizable modules for your physical data

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Certified methodology

Climate specialists
for your Net-zero journey

Our carbon footprinting experts support you throughout the entirety of your climate journey, helping you achieve your carbon targets.

Climate specialists support your Net-Zero journey

Personalized advice to reach your goals

Concrete and actionable alternatives

Support by Greenly specialists at every step of your climate journey


It only takes a few minutes to get started with our Carbon Footprint Suite


Carbon accounting, employee engagement, offsetting... we've got it all taken care of


Have our report and action plans at your disposal to take concrete action after the assessment


Badges, certifications, case studies... your commitment will not go unnoticed

Your time is precious!
Let Greenly handle your climate journey

Join hundreds of companies trusting in Greenly with their ecological transition

How much does it cost?

Best value for your money

Our TerraBase® technology allows us to save precious time by estimating the impact of each of your transactions.

Customer-specific approach

Our product is adapted to the size of your company and the activity of your sector.

Manage your impact like you manage your finances, with the number one solution in France

Our goal is to make carbon footprinting accessible to companies of all sizes. That's why our pricing can be adapted to companies with as few as 10 employees, and quickly-growing enterprises as well.

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