The 2022 Carbon Footprint Barometer

Created by Greenly and CSR Connect, discover the results of the very first edition of the Carbon Footprint 2022 barometer. The initiative has enabled more than 250 companies to be surveyed, giving them the opportunity to express their views. This helps fuel the public debate on the obstacles to be removed in order to accelerate the transition and democratize the Carbon Footprint for each company.
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Companies of all sizes

More than 250 companies surveyed, ranging from very small businesses to large groups, helping better identify the main trends

PDF du baromètre de Greenly

2 months of synthesized studies

Overview of good practices in terms of CSR, Carbon Footprints and action plans


17 partners involved

See how we carried out our study through the help and support of our committed partners

Why the Greenly Barometer ?

Discover the insights on 2022's annual carbon footprint  

Climate expertise

Some actions have more impact than others. Learn how to act effectively once the CO2 emissions have been measured

Data all in one place

We want to help the most reluctant companies get started and to better understand the concept of Carbon Footprinting for business

An eye on trends

We help companies to gain insight into trends and future projections on this topic

An overview of the figures

Have you already carried out
a Carbon Footprint?

Only 2 out of 10 companies have already carried out a carbon assessment. Many are lagging behind in this area!

CSR is at the heart of corporate governance

The majority of companies surveyed do have a formal environmental policy. These are mostly large groups, as well as SMEs, together representing 73% in total, while VSEs represent less than 4%.

Who takes care of the company's carbon footprint?

For 72% of companies, the CSR department is mainly responsible for taking charge of the Carbon Footprint

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