Chief Impact Officer
2022 Barometer

The prevalence of Chief Impact Officers are on the rise, as companies are realizing the necessity of having someone in charge of measuring the positive and negative impact of their company. We hear about Chief Impact Officers all the time, but what exactly do they do? What are their fields of action, challenges, KPIs? What real innovations and new ideas do they offer companies?
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Companies of all sizes

More than 180 companies surveyed, ranging from very small businesses to large corporations, to better identify the major trends


2 months of synthesized studies

The study offers a new perspective  and more transparency on this new profession: what scope of action, what organization, what missions, what performance indicators, what challenges?


+25 partners involved in the operation

Committed partners who helped and supported us in the realization of our study

A Chief Impact Officer ...

This barometer aims to be a reference base for anyone curious about this new profession, interested in the direction this revolution is going, or passionate about the societal and environmental impact of companies and brands.

On training

Everything you need to know about the path and training of the impact leaders who will shape the companies of tomorrow

A concentrate of data

How many CIOs are there? How many of them are attached to the COMEX? All the answers to your questions in this barometer.

An eye on the trends

We help you to have an overview of the trends and to understand the future projections on this topic

An overview of the numbers?

How long have you been a Chief Impact Officer?

Nearly 70% of respondents have been in the position for less than 3 years and 25% have been in the position for one to two years.

What salary range are you in?

17% of respondents earn more than €70,000 gross per year, of which more than 50% work in a large group.

What are the 3 essential soft skills for this position?

Curiosity, team spirit and a sense of teamwork are the essential soft skills most cited by CIOs.

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