Carbon Footprint analysis designed for Chartered Accountants

Engage your customers on their climate strategy with Greenly, the platform that simplifies the GHG assessment through accounting entries.

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Accountants are becoming Climate Experts with Greenly

As a chartered accountant, you become a key player in the energy transition of small and medium-sized businesses. Greenly allows you to produce GHG assessments more easily from accounting entries.

Offer an automated carbon footprint
to your customers

Thanks to our Carbon Footprint Suite, offer a simple and automatic carbon footprint on the 3 scopes to all your clients.

Tailor-made action plans

We identify your customers' main emissions sources, and enable them to be reduced through our action plans and supplier alternatives.

Become a climate expert

Build loyalty with your community and employees by communicating your commitment to climate action.

The all-in-one solution to enable your customers to manage more than just finance

Our secret recipe for helping your customers

The Accounting Entries File (FEC), accelerator of the GHG assessment

The Greenly platform facilitates the collection and analysis of data necessary for the production of a GHG assessment, from the FEC, by automatically analyzing accounts 200 (fixed assets), 400 (suppliers) and 600 (expenses). Easily complete physical data collection to quantify all Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

The reference platform for analyzing the emissions of VSEs and SMEs

Each expense is automatically categorized so that the correct monetary emissions factor is applied, in line with ADEME methodologies. Additional physical data is collected through certain modules: such as employee emissions, transport, electricity, etc.

Easily publish your GHG report

Once all the data has been collected and the accounts have been validated, you can publish a GHG emission report and receive your customers' climate commitment certificates. Depending on the main sources of emissions, you can choose personalized action plans to help the company reduce both its emissions and its costs.

The accounting entry file (FEC), a GHG balance sheet accelerator

The Greenly platform facilitates the collection and analysis of the data required to produce a GHG report, based on the FEC, by automatically analysing accounts 200 (fixed assets), 400 (suppliers) and 600 (expenses). Easily complete the collection of physical data to quantify all Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

A certified methodology
and state-of-the-art technology for optimal monitoring

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Calculate emissions automatically and precisely

Save time through automation, and track your emissions in real time, giving you full control of your carbon footprint.


All your carbon data in one place

Manage all your company's carbon data on a single dashboard.


Personalized climate plans

Reduce your emissions with personalised advice based on your carbon activity.


Employee engagement

Get your employees involved in the fun with one challenge per month.

Join hundreds of companies trusting in Greenly with their ecological transition