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We help you to better design your buildings so they can be compliant with new environmental requirements.

Get an automated carbon footprint analysis

Tailor-made action plans

Identify your key sources of emissions and reduce them with our action plans and supplier alternatives.

Estimate the carbon impact
of your construction sites

Communicate your commitment to your community and your employees to keep them loyal and engaged.

A regulatory carbon footprint that covers the entire life cycle of the building

Scope 1: Analysis of direct emissions linked to energy consumption in buildings (gas, fuel oil, etc.)
Scope 2: Indirect emissions linked to the consumption of electricity, heat or cooling via urban networks.
Scope 3: All emissions linked to the manufacturing of materials and equipment used in new buildings or renovations.

Action plans to guide you towards sustainable construction

Depending on your main sources of emissions, we offer alternatives to your suppliers to help you reduce your emissions.

Estimate the carbon footprint of your construction sites

Through an intuitive interface, the company can carry out its assessment in a simple and personalised manner. Two modules are available:
- the Activity module, which enables the carbon emissions associated with a given year of activity to be evaluated;
- the Site module, which enables the carbon emissions associated with a specific site to be evaluated.

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