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Opt for sustainable food

We help your company comply with new environmental requirements.

Get an automated and simple carbon footprint

Thanks to our Carbon Footprint Suite, obtain a simple and automatic regulatory carbon footprint on the 3 scopes. We'll help you!

Tailor-made action plans

Identify your key emission factors and reduce them with our action plans and supplier alternatives.

Estimate the carbon impact
of your factories

Communicate your commitment to your community and your employees to keep them loyal and engaged.

How does it work?

A simple, quick and automated model to get the gist of your GHG emissions


Regulatory carbon footprint that covers your entire production chain

Greenly allows you to manage all of your emissions, covering your raw materials, logistics, packaging and product finishing, in one platform.


Get a carbon report on all your factory sites

Our platform covers all of your establishments to accurately measure your environmental impact.


Climate plans designed for your sector

Reduce your costs and emissions with personalized advice tailored to your business sector.


Communicate your efforts to your customers

Easily publish your carbon footprint report and show off your environmental efforts with your customers and community.

Join hundreds of companies trusting in Greenly with their ecological transition