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Our TerraBase® technology allows us to save precious time in estimating the impact of each of your transactions.

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Your most frequently asked questions

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Methodology in accordance with the ADEME carbon footprint ?

Greenly strictly follows the carbon assessment methodologies as prescribed by ADEME and the Bilan Carbone Association. We have a licence to use the Bilan Carbone method, and our teams have undergone dedicated training in carbon footprinting, so we carry out our analyses in accordance with the regulatory method(Grenelle II Law 2010, art. 75). These methodologies are displayed in our interface and described in detail in the dedicated methodological notice ( link to the document).we invite you to consult the ADEME methodological notices on the use of accounting data for the GHG balance here for the analysis of purchases.Furthermore, Greenly has initiated an additional certification process with the Bilan Carbone Association on the additional modules of our SaaS, for example dedicated to digital. Our work is reviewed by our Scientific Council, which includes recognised specialists in the sector, notably from the Bilan Carbone Association.a team of data scientists ensure the continuous improvement of our calculation methods and their updating according to the latest scientific data available.Greenly has received the GreenTech Innovation label from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, and FrenchTech Green from the Ministry of the Digital Economy, and was elected Fintech of the year 2020.

Why make a 12-month commitment?

Greenly follows the BC approach of ADEME which involves:The GHG assessment which is established over the year, raising awareness among all your employees and implementing your reduction strategy. The Greenly platform covers all these points and is accessible all year round. (12 months)

Why choose Greenly?

Voted fintech of the year 2020 and recently selected as one of the FrenchTech Green 20, Greenly's objective is to enable everyone - whether an individual or an organisation - to manage their carbon emissions in real time, simply and quickly, with the aim of reducing them. A compliant, simple and quick carbon assessment. Greenly is now a leader in carbon tracking solutions, which allow companies to have access to a certified and digitalized carbon assessment. Gone are the days of expensive and time-consuming assessments, we use technology to save our clients time whenever possible. A methodology certified by ADEME and our Scientific Council, algorithms and emission factors updated daily, and a team of climate experts dedicated to supporting our clients: that's Greenly. We already work with digital nuggets such as Swile, Payfit and Foodvisor, and with larger companies such as Faurecia, La Poste and BNP Paribas, and all of them are delighted to have been able to make their commitments a reality thanks to an effective climate strategy.

How do you ensure the accuracy of the calculation?

Greenly follows the carbon footprint methodology defined by ADEME, quantifying activities that are sources of GHG emissions, either by a physical approach (e.g. litres of petrol, KWh, KM), or by a monetary approach (e.g. level of expenditure in € for certain types of purchases).

I am looking for an employee engagement solution

Greenly allows companies and their employees in particular to become aware of the challenges of global warming in three ways:

1/ By allowing them to measure their carbon footprint linked to their work, particularly as a result of their home-to-work journeys, business trips or their use of digital technology. This is done through a mobility questionnaire sent by the Greenly platform. Each employee receives individual feedback. The results are consolidated in an aggregated way by the SaaS.

2/ By running a training course on the main issues of global warming: related to energy use, travel, food, digital... via quizzes launched via the platform.

3/ By running a climate game via the Greenly app challenging employees to carry out actions for the environment, or via in-app quizzes - The player sees his individual score and the collective score of the company.

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