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Analysis of your emissions throughout your production chain

Raw material analysis

- Collection of physical data on the composition of the products
- Carbon footprint of the materials
- Loss rate (according to the ADEME-AFNOR methodological framework)
- Conversion into KG of CO2

Product manufacture

- Fabric manufacturing analysis
- Impact of dyeing and finishing
- Weight of the garment

Environmental cost of transport

- Assessment of raw material routing (according to ADEME methodology)
- Standardisation of routing from factory to warehouse

Calculation of end-of-life emissions

- Emissions related to the end of life of textile products are calculated from their weight.

Time and effort saved by using our software suite

The Greenly platform significantly reduces the effort required to calculate your carbon footprint - saving you time to be used where it matters most

Manual data collection
Greenly platform

A certified methodology
and state-of-the-art technology for optimal monitoring

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Calculate emissions automatically and precisely

Save time through automation, and track your emissions in real time, giving you full control of your carbon footprint.


All your carbon data in one place

Manage all your company's carbon data on a single dashboard.


Personalized climate plans

Reduce your emissions with personalised advice based on your carbon activity.


Employee engagement

Get your employees involved in the fun with one challenge per month.

How much does it cost?

Best value for your money

Our TerraBase® technology allows us to save precious time in estimating the impact of each of your transactions.

Customer-specific approach

Our product is adapted to the size of your company and the activity of your sector.

Manage your impact like you manage your finances, with the number one solution of Carbon Accounting.

Our goal is to make carbon footprinting accessible to companies of all sizes. That's why our pricing can be adapted to companies with as few as 10 employees, and quickly-growing enterprises as well.

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