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With Greenly, reduce the environmental impact of your digital communication and move your business towards carbon neutrality.

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Responsible advertising

The Greenly Ads+ solution enables brands, agencies and publishers to measure the environmental impact of their online advertising and to act effectively to reduce it.


Measure carbon emissions via our Carbon Footprint Suite to measure the pollution generated by online advertising.


Reduce their environmental impact by implementing recommendations tailored to the objectives of advertising campaigns.


Offset the residual carbon footprint after optimisation, helping you work towards carbon neutrality.

Automatic and simple calculation of your CO2 emissions

A simple, quick and automated model to get the gist of your GHG emissions


Automatic calculation from your accounting entry files

By importing your FECs and connecting your bank accounts, we can assign an equivalent in KG of CO2 to each of your digital expenses and your campaigns.


Get a regulatory carbon footprint

Thanks to our platform and our experts, obtaining a carbon footprint has never been easier.


Real-time data collection

By connecting your accounts, follow your emissions in real time and measure the impact of your campaigns.


Engage your employees

Reconcile your company's growth with your response to climate issues. Raise your employees' awareness of your CSR and climate issues as they become climate experts.

Join hundreds of companies trusting in Greenly with their ecological transition