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Our Net Zero® certification provides clear, conclusive and transparent carbon neutrality programs.


We work with you to decide whether to make your whole company or a particular product/service or activity Net Zero.


Greenly measures your company emissions and identifies hotspots. Our carbon specialists use this intelligence to create a tailored reduction plan – and a climate investment strategy for what you can’t reduce.


You deliver internal emissions reductions – such as energy-efficiency programmes and changes to business travel.


We support you to deliver a clear and credible message about each stage of your climate action to your stakeholders, providing tips, tools, copy, images, a certification logo and case studies of best practice communications

Net Zero label

A label for transparency in Net Zero products, services, and companies

Our label confirms that carbon emissions have been measured and reduced as far as possible and that the remaining CO2 emissions have been offset by certified climate contribution projects. Our "Net Zero" label represents transparency and traceability of climate action. The label is currently awarded to companies that carry out their carbon footprint with Greenly, which certifies the authenticity and accuracy of the Carbon accounting.

Decarbonize your business in four steps and obtain our Net Zero® certification

Map your carbon footprint with the best methodology on the market in a few weeks.
Rigorous carbon accounting, powered by the latest climate science
Go deep on suppliers
Know your footprint in weeks, not months
Analyse your emissions and put in place impactful climate plans.
Set goals and take action
Decarbonize your power
Receive hands-on support every step of the way, without the need for consultants
Offset emissions that cannot be avoided with our certified projects
All projects are fully vetted by the Greenly team
Understanding frontier carbon removal
Communication kit
Marketing team deployed to help you enhance your approach

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Our TerraBase® technology allows us to save precious time in estimating the impact of each of your transactions.

Customer-specific approach

Our product is adapted to the size of your company and the activity of your sector.

Manage your impact like you manage your finances, with the number one solution of Carbon Accounting.

Our goal is to make carbon footprinting accessible to companies of all sizes. That's why our pricing can be adapted to companies with as few as 10 employees, and quickly-growing enterprises as well.