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Analysist ofyour carbon footprint

Regulatory carbon footprint scope 1, 2, 3
Simplified data collection
Employee involvement
Compliant Carbon Footprint
Report explanation by a carbon expert
GHG Report
Meet our climate specialists

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Really reduce your emissions
Priority action plans
Simulation and impact monitoring
Certified offset projects
Staff training
Recommendations for alternatives
Low carbon challenges in-app

Communication kit

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Greenly GHG Certificate
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Case Study
Sylvain Gauthier

I was impressed by the degree of granularity of the analyses, particularly for the Digital sector: the analyses identified very important emission reduction levers that are both actionable and operational.

Sylvain Gauthier
Managing Director at Easy Vista
Frederic Mazella

From now on, all entrepreneurs must integrate climate impact into their business model. French technology must seize this very special moment to deploy innovations that will accelerate the transition and position us as a leader.

Chairman and Founder of BlaBlacar
Frederic Mazella
Luc Julia

It was high time to put "artificial intelligence" at the service of the fight against global warming, in other words, a self-learning technology to constantly refine the measurement of our ecological impact, and to help everyone make better choices on a daily basis thanks to contextualized recommendations.

Co-founder of Siri and Director of the Innovation Center at Samsung
Luc Julia
Laurène Hermant

The automaticity of the Greenly tool enabled Payfit to understand its climate impact very quickly, and to identify its main levers for improvement: the purchase of services and digital.

Solidarity Manager at Payfit
Laurène Hermant
Cédric O

Thanks to an extremely important work of categorization and data processing, Greenly allows everyone to reduce their ecological impact. Innovation must help us meet these major ecological transition challenges, and Greenly is a perfect example of what digital can bring to meet them.

Minister of State for Digital Transition
Cédric O
Nicolas Houdant

While my company has been performing carbon audits for large organizations for years, I have been dreaming of a solution that automates this calculation from the income statement. Greenly is realizing this ambition with its technology for automatic analysis of banking transactions, which can be applied to both individuals and companies.

Nicolas Houdant - Chairman of Energies Demain and Mobilités Demain
Nicolas Houdant
Testimonial - Cédric Hutchings

In an environment like for healthcare, progress starts with the right measure of what you are trying to improve. Whereas Withings enables everyone to take responsibility for their own health by automatically creating their own dashboard, Greenly makes everyone aware of the carbon balance of their spending and therefore their interactions with the community.

Co-founder of Withings & co-founder of Outsight
Cédric Hutchings