Net Zero Initiative (NZI)

What is the Net Zero Initiative ? 

The Net Zero Initiative helps companies and organizations find a way to get the most out of their decarbonizing efforts, with the goal of achieving global carbon neutrality. In short, Net Zero means lowering greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible and accounting for the remaining emissions by way of carbon offsetting projects. 

What is the goal of the Net Zero Initiative? 

The Net Zero Initiative is a project supported by Carbon4 and the French Ministry for the Ecological Transition, offering a framework or reference for companies to adhere to the principles of Net Zero. Becoming a signatory of the Net Zero Initiative means to reduce one’s emissions as close to zero as possible, and to compensate for remaining emissions through offsetting projects. 

What's the difference between Net Zero and carbon neutral? 

The fundamentals of Net Zero are different from the concept of carbon neutrality, as Net Zero emphasizes reducing emissions to the lowest amount possible, and only using offsetting as a final resort. To learn more about the Net Zero Initiative, check out Greenly’s blog: