What if your bank went green? 

Driving a green revolution in payments

Greenly's mission is to enrich everyone's daily life with an awareness of their ecological impact and help them make better choices for the planet. It all starts with your spending. We analyze each banking transaction to take the measure of its carbon footprint, and nudge you into shifting towards greener alternatives, one expense at a time.

What if your finances worked for the planet?

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Enrich every banking transaction with a measure of its carbon footprint

At Greenly, we believe everyone should measure the real cost of their expenses. Financial accounting alone is no longer enough in the face of the climate crisis. We have developed a Green Application Program Interface (API) and a Sofware Development Kit (SDK) to help banks and fintechs accelerate their energy transition and that of their clients. Thanks to a unique expertise initially developed for the Greenly application, each bank can now benefit from the most advanced self-learning Carbon Analytics Engine, enriching, every payment with carbon footprint metrics, supplier environmental scores and targeted recommendations.

The Greenly Carbone Terra Base API

Measure, reduce & reward the fight against climate change with the Greenly Carbon Terra Base API

Banks are discovering their business is that of the planet. They must help all their customers accelerate their energy transition. Greenly make it simple to achieve exceptional user experience for the benefit of the planet. Save your customers money by reducing their carbon footprint. Benefit from customized user experience. Join our ecosystem of green partners to fight global warming. Do what your customers expect you to do. 

Greenly's Carbon Tracking API


Track your carbon footprint

The Greenly Carbon Terra Base API analyzes and categorizes every banking transaction to determine the type of shopping cart, product or service associated with an expense. A specific coefficient, called the "monetary emissions factor", is assigned to convert units of currency into Kg of CO2 equivalent. They correspond to the ratio of a product or service's emissions over its price or to the ratio of a company's emissions over its revenue.


Analyse your CO2 budget

Tracking your individual carbon budget is now a necessary add-on to your financial budget. Gaining insights into the items that have the most significant impact on our GHG budget (housing, transportation, consumption, food, etc.),  we can better understand what our priorities are, and take action to make a difference, as individuals and as community


Set your personal green goals

Changing our consumption habits is the cheapest way to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Behavioural science shows us that we make best progress by setting small, achievable goals with frequent rewards. Greenly allows you to personalize your carbon challenges, and enrich your commitment with an experience with friends, so that positive social pressure is put to work in the fight against global warming.


Personalized low carbon advice

The analysis of your recurring expenses allows you to identify greener alternatives to gradually switch to less carbon-intensive expenses. The identification of exceptional expenses (housing purchases, car...) that impact your carbon footprint in the long term allows you to make better financial choices.


Ethical and green cashback

Greenly provides its users with an ecosystem of green partners to reward good behavior. Each purchase fills your green piggy bank and funds certified offset projects.


Climate contribution & offsetting

The fight against global warming and the achievement of carbon neutrality also means funding  the energy transition in priority areas. Greenly offers certified carbon offsetting projects in partnership with EcoAct, to accelerate the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energies, to protect forests threatened by the expansion of agriculture, or to support a less energy-intensive development of low-income communities. 

The Greenly TerraBase Carbon API

How does the carbon base work? 

The Greenly Carbon Index integrates with your banking PFM thanks to our SDK and API, to enrich any transaction with a carbon footprint measurement within a banking application ecosystem. Greenly's Participatory Carbon Index works within a secure banking environment thanks to our unique docker technology. To accelerate deployment, it allows you to benefit from permanent updates without sharing your customers' banking transactions with a third party.


Greenly's Scientific Council

Luc Julia

Co-inventor of Siri, Director of the Samsung Innovation Center


Michel Bauer

Chairman of the Scientific Council of Greenly
Economist, former professor at CNRS and HEC


Nicolas Houdant

Chairman of Cabinet de Conseil Energies Demain


Yann Leroy

Professor at Centrale-Supelec, expert in circular economy themes


Caroline Alazard

Founder of the company GreenNext. Her company had measured the carbon footprint of five hundred thousand consumer products.


Christian Couturier

Ex-partner of Astorg Capital, impact investor, active on the subjects of carbon warming.


Antoine Dechezleprêtre

Professor of Environmental Economics at the London School of Economics


Lucas Chancel

Co-director of the Laboratory on Global Inequalities at the Paris School of Economics and Associate Researcher at IDDRI


Chuck Howard

PhD University of British Columbia - Marketing and Behavioral Science

We are very pleased to have formed a partnership with one of our finest impact startups. This is an opportunity to help our clients measure and improve their impact on a daily basis. We have been seduced by Greenly's participative and transparent approach, which allows us to help our clients to estimate their emissions ever more accurately. This approach is in line with our desire to make a greater commitment to more sustainable development, based on concrete tools that are immediately available to our clients.

Raphaele Leroy, Director of Client Engagement at BNP Paribas