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BCB Group carries out its Carbon Footprint with Greenly

Today, we are proud to announce that we have just finalised a complete audit with Greenly in order to take concrete climate action and limit our identified emissions!

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Evolution in the Net Zero trajectory

GHG balance sheet
The company performs a carbon footprint of its Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions
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The company engages its suppliers in reducing its emissions
Net Zero trajectory
The company has put in place action plans, and has contributed to offset projects
BCB Group
The company's carbon footprint
Travel and Commute: 25.9%
Digital: 27.8%
Services purchase: 25.3%
Total carbon emissions
In number of return trips Paris / New York
Annual emissions in number of French people
Hectares of growing forest needed to compensate
What can you tell us about your company?

BCB Group is the global leading provider of business accounts and trading services for the digital asset economy, regulated in the UK and Switzerland.

We provide accounts and payments processing for the pillars of the industry including Bitstamp, Kraken, Gemini, Galaxy, BitPay, Circle in dozens of fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Our clients can trade FX and cryptocurrencies quickly and at scale, with market-leading value.

Responding to institutional demand for operational best practice in digital asset markets, BCB Group was created by established thought leaders in finance, regulation and technology.

“We are committed to our part in delivering a net zero crypto industry. Our mission is to make technology a force for good”

Head of Impact & Performance at BCB Group
Sarah von Landsberg-Sadie
What are your company's CSR commitments?

BCB Group is committed to help tackle the climate crisis by reducing our impact and creating a positive change for our employees, customers, and the greater community. Our vision is to empower the global financial revolution through sustainable and innovative banking.

Why did you carry out a carbon assessment?

As the conversation around CSR continues to grow and our industry begins to pay more attention to environmental impact, we wanted to invest in responsible change. This carbon assessment provides a starting point for us to measure the commitments we’re making and allows us to attract top talent, reassure our partners who are concerned about their carbon footprint, and helps us lead our industry in a more sustainable direction.

Why choose Greenly ?
  • Because of their scientific & transparent approach to assessing carbon footprint, which is accredited by the ADEME (Agence pour la Transition Écologique)
  • Due to the strength of their measurement methodology covering scope 1,2,3 analysis & benchmarks; 
  • We liked their smart platform UI - including its integration with our existing tools; 
  • They offered the guidance and expertise to engage our employees in the approach.

What does your Carbon Footprint reveal

BCB Group’s carbon footprint takes into account direct and energy emissions (Scope 1 & 2) but also indirect emissions caused by service providers and services used by the company (Scope 3). Adding up all the emissions, BCB Group had a carbon footprint of 596t CO2e in 2021. 

This is equivalent to:

  • 338 Paris-New York round trips
  • The annual emissions of 60 British people
  • The amount of CO2 sequestered annually by 54 hectares of forest

What are the next steps ?

BCB’s climate strategy can be broken down into three pillars: 1) Measure and Reduce our Emissions, 2) Engage and Communicate with our Ecosystem, and 3) Contribute to Certified GHG Reduction/Sequestration Projects. Our immediate next steps are to establish a carbon reduction plan with specific targets, with the aim of reaching Net Zero by 2035. To do this we will work with Greenly and the Science-Based Targets Initiative to remove 90% or more of our emissions by this date.

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