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Assess the environmental impacts of your products and services throughout their life cycle.

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What is a Life Cycle Analysis?

Life cycle analysis is a method for evaluating the environmental impacts of a product or service throughout its life: from raw material extraction, manufacturing and use, to disposal or reuse. Greenly helps you make the right decisions about sustainability.

Why conduct a Life Cycle Analysis of your products & services ?

Know the environmental impact
of your products

Setting up an LCA allows you to analyze the environmental impact of your product, allowing you to put in place concrete measures to reduce it.

Build trust with your stakeholders

Communicate your commitment to your community and your employees to keep them loyal and engaged.

Boost your brand by taking action

70% of employees are more likely to work for a company with a CSR strategy and 80% want to stay longer within those companies.

How does Greenly work exactly?

With Greenly, you're in good hands


Greenly covers scope 1

These are greenhouse gas emissions coming directly from your company's owned and controlled resources. Some examples include fuel combustion in service vehicles, refrigerant leaks from air conditioning, etc.


Greenly covers scope 2

Scope 2 refers to emissions related to electricity purchased from another utility provider, and used by the company for its activities (e.g. the combustion of a gas power plant).


Greenly covers scope 3

Scope 3 refers to all remaining emissions. This scope is very broad by definition and generally represents the vast majority of emissions linked to a company's activity. If Scope 3 is not taken into account, the company's carbon footprint will be incomplete.

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