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Analyzing the impact of every spending by linking your cards securely

2. REWARD your green habits

Quantifying & rewarding every emission avoid through green behaviours

3. ACCELERATE the energy transition

Supporting carbon avoidance & offset projects around the globe

Link your credit cards securely

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Enjoy bank-level with a DSP2 compliant technology used by world-leading banks & fintechs around the world (HSBC, Credit Mutuel, Credit Agricole and many more.)

Our Values

The climate crisis makes it a priority to raise the level of awareness about our individual responsibility & footprint. But rather than shaming people, we believe every good action must be rewarded to encourage small changes that form green habits.

This means creating trust with our users, protecting the confidentiality of their data above all, being transparent about our model, and ambitious to scale as we have more impact.
Application Greenly

Let your data work for the planet

How Greenly securely analyzes your data

Tech that Protects your Data

Greenly lets users connect with every bank securely in full compliance with DSP2 regulations, using Oxlin technologies, by Linxo Group, a company registered with the Banque de France and working with many banks.

AI to Make  Spending Green Again

To promote less energy intensive spending, our algorithms assess your emissions and those you avoid, by category and brand, using open source data from ADEME and company carbon footprint assessment over their turnover.

Certified Projects to Fight Global Warming

To help users assume the responsibility of their impact on the planet, we let them choose from a selection of certified carbon offset projects, in partnership with EcoAct, European leader in carbon neutral strategies

They are supporting us

and talking about it... 
To make a positive change,  you must start measuring what you want to improve. Where Withings allows everyone to take his health in his own hands with personal dashboards, Greenly empowers us to make a change for the planet  tracking the impact of our spending. I see the same behavioral change potential. 

Cédric Hutchings

Withings Co-Founder

By adding carbon footprint data to payments on a daily basis, Greenly  raises much needed awareness on sustainable spending. This service can scale massively with banks and fintechs.

Damien Balsan

LoopPay Co-Founder

The Greenly Team

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