The app that lets you track and improve your carbon footprint

Automatically measure the impact of your every expense, improve your impact with greener alternatives

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Measure the carbon footprint of every expense

Take control of your climate impact

Everyone can play a role in the fight against climate change. This starts with precise automated metrics for every expense.  Track your climate dashboard, understand which expenses have the most impact and make better choices on a daily basis by chosing greener alternatives.

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions

Make your data work for the environnement

Your data automatically updates your carbon footprint dashboard  when you synchronize your bank account with Greenly, in full security. This was made possible by the European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) which initiated an Open Banking movement that benefits you and the planet. 

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TerraBase, the most in-depth carbon analytics engine

Every expense is analyzed by Greenly's Carbon Index, a self-learning database that enriches every transaction with spending labels, supplier identification, as well as product, service or cart analytics. A "Monetary Emissions Factor" is applied to each transaction, taking into account thousands of individual suppliers, user preferences and actual spending habits. Greenly is continuously fine-tuning the accuracy of its model thanks to the active participation of its app community.

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Your data, our commitments

Greenly is committed to protecting your data first and foremost, so you can make it work for you and the planet.

A Community Fueled Carbon Index

We are committed to carrying out all our carbon footprint estimations following a completely transparent and scientific methodology. We work with validated scientific sources, and all our estimations are submitted to the periodic review of our Scientific Council. The Greenly Carbon Footprint Index  is participatory. It is continuously improved thanks to user contributions. They help us to better identify green suppliers, and daily habits that make a true difference.

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Financing your climate contribution with green cashback

Start your energy transition by shifting your daily spending habits towards greener suppliers from the Greenly ecosystem. These purchases feed into your green piggy bank, to finance carbon avoidance projects, from reforestation to renewable energies.

Let yourself be heard !

Make a change, start inviting your friends to measure their carbon footprint too, because communities achieve bolder results. Together, we can fight global warming more effectively !

As I wanted to adopt a more environmentally friendly attitude on a daily basis, I looked for simple solutions. I came across this application that is worth its weight in gold, both for the visibility it provides on the impact of each of his personal expenses, and its simplicity linked to the banking connection.
Greenly since March 13, 2020
The Yuka of the environment! A first awareness of its daily environmental impact, in a simple and playful way. Thank you, it's really great!
Greenly since January 27, 2020
How to do without it... This application should be declared of general interest. It allows everyone to consume in his soul and conscience, to be able to follow his small daily efforts that will do good to the environment.
Greenly since January 31, 2020

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