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OCUS carries out its Carbon Footprint with Greenly

Combining technology and a global network of 35000 photographers, OCUS provides enterprise companies with smart visual content at scale. OCUS, aware of the impact of image in the digital world, was keen to carry out its GHG assessment and intends to involve its clients in its approach.

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GHG balance sheet
The company performs a carbon footprint of its Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions
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The company engages its suppliers in reducing its emissions
Net Zero trajectory
The company has put in place action plans, and has contributed to offset projects
The company's carbon footprint
Purchase of services: 4.6%
Photographer travel: 87.5%
Digital: 4.6%
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From the beginning of its activity, OCUS has differentiated itself with a responsible approach to the impact of technology on society, and a desire to favour the creative arts community, notably through its charter for photographers.

Continuing with the impact of images on the GES made sense, especially at a time when the digital is experiencing extreme growth

"In a digitalized world of fast-growing image production and consumption, we at OCUS believe there is a great opportunity to make a very significant contribution to reducing the impact it has on our planet."

Co-founder and Chief Development Officer - OCUS
Julien Jacob
ITV - Why did you carry out a GHG assessment? 🤔

In order to reduce our GHG emissions, it is essential to be able to measure them beforehand. At Le Galion (, we have been alerted to the Climate Act initiative ( This is why we decided to calculate our carbon footprint with Greenly. This enabled us to better structure our environmental policy and to draw up an action plan to reduce our emissions in the long term. Intuitively, we knew that we had a lever, but calculating our emissions precisely enabled us to launch a reflection process internally and with our clients (all major accounts, and therefore often sensitive to these issues).

Why Greenly? 🌱

The measurement solution proposed by Greenly is scalable, what needs to be automated is automated, the rest is supported by human intelligence. It's very similar to OCUS, so it seemed logical to us to do it with a player who shares our values and way of doing things.

Ocus carbon footprint update 📊

The OCUS carbon footprint not only takes into account direct and energy-related emissions (Scope 1 & 2) but also indirect emissions caused by service providers and services used by OCUS clients (Scope 3).

Adding up Scope 1 & 2, OCUS had a footprint of 199t CO2e in 2020, which is half the benchmark of comparable companies on Greenly with their Scope 3 included!

We were happily surprised that we had intuitively made the right choices on the core business.

If we add scope 3 with the travel of photographers and videographers, we arrive at 1599 t CO2/year. This figure seems high, but we have already generated avoided emissions since all our clients tell us that before us, the photographers they employed came from big cities and generated a lot of travel, whereas our OCUS model favours the assignment of professionals as close as possible to the mission being carried out.

OCUS wants to reduce its emissions 📉

The definition of the action plan is underway, but the main lines are already taking shape.

Even if it is less significant in percentage terms, we intend to implement an eco-responsible purchasing policy, both for physical equipment and for our choices in the cloud.

We also plan to use the Greenly platform to raise awareness of emission reduction among all our employees.

Of course, we will not stop there on the emissions of our photographers and videographers as we can still programmatically reduce travel and raise awareness of our community's choice of transport.

In addition, we have started to raise awareness among our key clients about the number and definition of images we provide. By aligning these to the real needs by working with them we can help them to reduce their own impact as well.

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