For each payment, a carbon measurement

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Enrich transactional data with carbon emission information to be at the forefront of green transition and drive true impact


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For each payment, a carbon measurement

Greenly's mission is to help you understand your ecological impact so you can make the best choices for the planet. It all starts with your expenses. We analyse each of your expenses to measure its carbon footprint, and help you make more sustainable choices every day.

In-depth categorisation

With our proprietary categorisation algorithm, we can categorise payments in a granular way, regardless of the data we receive, to ensure that CO2 estimates are relevant and rewarding to users' actions.

Transparent methodology

In addition to accuracy, transparency is very important to us: we are very open about our methodology so that users can have answers to all their questions.

Raising user awareness

Analyses are an important starting point for action, but we go much further: with our contextualised advice, we really accompany users along the path of ecological transition and educate them along the way.

Enriching payments with an impact measure

CO2 analysis

You can't reduce what you can't measure. That's why we provide comprehensive analyses, navigable by time and category, so users can act accordingly to their emissions trends

Set up carbon challenges

Changing our consumption habits is the most economical way to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Behavioral science shows us that we make the most progress by setting small, achievable goals with frequent rewards. Greenly allows users to customize their carbon challenges, and enrich engagement with a friend-to-friend experience.

Climate compensation

The fight against global warming and the achievement of carbon neutrality require financing the energy transition in priority areas. Greenly offers carbon offset projects in partnership with EcoAct, to accelerate the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energies, to protect forests threatened by the expansion of agriculture, or to support less energy-intensive development.

Raising your customer's awareness of climate issues

You can't reduce what you can't measure. That's why we provide comprehensive analyses, navigable by time and category, so users can see their emissions patterns and trends, learn from them and act accordingly.


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Information as an actionable lever for individuals

The Greenly team has developed technology to help consumers become more aware of their impact on the planet. Our technology is continually updated, and the short term roadmap includes additional sources of impact.

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